The Tumor Gene Family of Databases

The Tumor Gene Family of Databases contains information about genes which are targets for cancer-causing mutations; proto-oncogenes and tumor supressor genes. Its goal is to provide a standard set of facts (e.g. protein size, biochemical activity, chromosomal location, ...) about all known tumor genes. At present, the database contains over 2600 facts on over 300 genes.

These databases are designed to for biomedical researchers who work with tumor genes. Anyone is free to search it, but if you are not in this group, it may not be very useful to you.

Historically, the Tumor Gene Database was developed as a family of more specialized databases; the Tumor Gene Database itself, the Breast Cancer Gene Database, and the Oral Cancer Gene Database. This family is undergoing a transition to a new environment and new hardware, so at present, they have been somewhat merged with somewhat limited functionality. Hopefully, we can bring these separate databases back to their former glory "real soon now".

Search for a Gene or Locus by Name

Name: Database:

This page will search our list of gene name synonyms and return a list of links for each gene found. You can then click on a gene name and that will take you to a page listing all the facts about that gene.

You can use the usual * character as a wildcard. If you search for ras, you will return only those genes who have as a synonym ras exactly. If you search on *ras, you will return HRAS, NRAS, KRAS, etc. If you search on ras, you will return things like brass. If you enter a single *, you will return a list of every gene in the database. This is very long, beware! If you enter nothing, your research will return nothing.